Affiliate marketing, if done correctly, can be the most cost-effective way to deliver new customers to your business.

We offer an in-house team of skilled and experienced affiliate marketers who can help you grow and manage your existing affiliate partners and establish a new affiliate program.

Our expert team specialise in the recruitment and management of affiliates with the ability to reach a large number of potential partner websites helping you to grow or establish your affiliate base.

At ICS we can tailor our services to your requirements and will effectively manage your affiliate campaigns in full or in part depending on your needs.

We are specialist in gaming sectors such as casino, sports book, poker, bingo and games as well as in a broad range of other industries from insurance to telecoms and tourism to retail.

We have worked with great success on long-running campaigns for blue-chip clients and with our strong relationships, knowledge of the affiliate industry and scalable infrastructure; we believe we offer a strong affiliate marketing service that can be structured for individual client needs.

We can work on short-term or longer term projects, with clear project deliverables and always cost-effectively.