Balkan States and Mumbai targeted by ICS

Independent Content Services (ICS) are proud to announce an increase in the number of languages we can offer.
The addition of Croatian, Macedonian, Slovene and Marathi brings the total of languages we are able to produce original quality content in to 45.
ICS already provides written, audio and visual content in a number of languages across Europe and Asia, and the addition of these four tongues means we can now offer our services to even more territories.
We primarily operate across the sports betting and gambling sectors, with our dedicated teams of journalists and broadcasters providing major operators with original and engaging content. Our global connections mean we can create content in a range of styles, enhanced by different perspectives.
In addition to our work in these sectors, we also operate in a number of others, including international news, politics, finance and travel.
International Content Manager Andy Morgan said: “The translation side of the business has grown rapidly in 2015 and we are delighted to be able to offer our services in four new languages.
“The Balkan states have always been of significant interest to us due to the sporting passion as well as the love of gambling there, while being able to service Mumbai, one of the world’s great cities, with our content is a real boost.
“With the popularity of football in the Balkans and cricket in India, we feel we are ideally placed to offer a range of video, audio and written services in these new languages.”
If you are interested in any of our services in Croatian, Macedonian, Slovene and Marathi, or any of the 45 languages we cover, please contact us.