Bangladesh targeted as ICS launches Bengali services

ICS is targeting the seventh-largest market in the world having launched its entire suite of services in Bengali.

Primarily spoken in Bangladesh, ICS will now be on hand to provide bespoke and shared written, audio and video content across the region.

ICS already operates in a number of languages on the sub-continent – including Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati – and is looking forward to delivering its quality sports news, previews, reports and commentaries across Bangladesh.

We will also be able to provide translation and localisation services for this key market and would be interested in speaking to any potential client looking to break into the region. While we specialise in the sports and betting industries, we also have experts in a range of other sectors including business, finance and travel.

Speaking about the launch of ICS’s translation and value-added services in Bengali, International Director Andy Morgan said: “It is really exciting to be launching in Bangladesh as it’s a nation that is sports-mad, particularly when it comes to cricket.

“We believe we have a great deal to offer – from bespoke written, audio and visual content through to translation and localisation – and are looking forward to working with partners who are looking to access this emerging and dynamic market.”

If you are interested in finding out more about our Bengali language services, or what we can do for you in any other language, then please contact us.