Deep into Africa: ICS launch Swahili services

ICS has committed further to Africa by confirming the launch of their entire suite of services in Swahili, taking the company’s language total to 65.

Spoken in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda – all established and growing iGaming territories – we will be able to offer written, audio and video services across the whole East Africa region, all localised to each individual territory.

Employing only native journalists and translators who have a background in sports and betting, ICS is the ideal supplier for anyone in the iGaming industry who is looking to break into these key markets. ICS can offer bespoke written news, previews and match reports, as well as engaging audio commentaries and video productions alongside world class translations and localisation services.

Speaking about the launch of their translation and value-added services in Swahili, International Director Andy Morgan said: “Africa is one of the world’s most dynamic regions and we know many in the iGaming industry are interested in the potential this market has to offer.

“With our experienced journalists, expert translators and local knowledge, ICS is the ideal partner for anyone looking to establish themselves in this region.”

If you are interested in finding out more about our Swahili language services, or what we can do for you in any other language, then please contact us.