We have grown and developed from our content roots to become pioneers in a number of online marketing disciplines, based primarily on natural search and editorial visibility, as well as coordinated PR campaigns.

This has culminated in the establishment of our highly effective international digital marketing and communications agency ICS-digital.

We have a hard-working approach to all marketing projects we undertake and understand that any campaign – whether search or PPC – must deliver.

We adopt a transparent approach and don’t confuse things with complicated jargon.


We have a skilled in-house team of expert affiliate recruiters and managers who understand all aspects of gaming.

With a talented team in place and a record of delivering success, we are ideally placed to recruit new affiliates, reinvigorate any existing and underperforming affiliates and assist with their management, if required.

Our affiliate team specialise in betting (sportsbook, casino, poker, games, lottery and bingo) as well as other sectors, and are able to work alongside our language writers to offer international coverage. Our people can simply support a client’s existing activity and in-house affiliate team by working as an extension to them, or we can manage campaigns, projects and even territories in full if preferred.

We are scalable and happy to consider the most appropriate commercial model and of course we expect to be directly measured against profitability.

Link Building

Link building is highly effective if done properly.

We have developed a network of many thousands of trusted sites around the globe and write quality articles on a range of topics for them. In return, site owners allow us to place links within the articles. This can lead to a high number of valuable inbound links each month which strengthens and improves a site’s position within organic search.

All of the content produced by our team is 100% unique so there is never a scenario where duplicate copy will be published.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a key aspect of our modern lives. As a business we use it as much for our own research and reading as we do for boosting clients’ profiles and reputation.

Online reputation management, customer engagement and brand building are good ways to describe the work we do so effectively.

Users love to share and like original, meaningful and entertaining content and information, but none of us want to feel used by artificial manipulation of our online social habits.

ICS understands the need to encourage free interaction on merit.

We can completely manage all messages/content communicated to potential and existing customers and can also update different social networking accounts on behalf of our clients.

We can fully manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social bookmarking accounts and can update each one daily. We create compelling content to engage with users in order to increase fans and followers over a period of time.


We believe search engine optimisation (SEO) is a lot simpler than some would have you believe. As Google points out, at the heart of strong results is good, original, quality content:

“Make sure your site is full of unique, high-quality content. Google’s automated crawling, indexing, and ranking processes are focused on providing quality search results.”

Google constantly evolves and develops ways to make the most useful and timely pages written for humans and not for programs appear first in searches. Consequently, they are becoming increasingly adept at spotting SEO fodder.

Through our ICS-digital search marketing brand, ICS is expert at improving SEO performance and successfully works with a number of large organisations in this area.


PPC, or pay per click, is an effective, affordable and targeted method of paid search marketing if managed properly.

If not, budgets can be eaten away chasing position on inflated terms that may not truly be relevant and benefit your business.

Our tools ensure messages reach the right audience at the right time in the right territory, cost-effectively.

We believe in effectively combining PPC with our marketing initiatives to generate optimum returns on investment at the lowest cost to you.


We understand the value of legitimate news coverage and brand inclusion whether it be international, national, local or industry-specific media channels.

Whether it’s for traditional or digital media exposure, ICS is skilled at producing compelling and newsworthy press releases, news feeds, blog posts and social awareness. We have strong relationships and contacts in national and local newspapers, magazines, commercial radio, the BBC, major online publishers, specialist independents and blog networks with the know-how to follow up and make sure PR value is maximised.

Online PR involves making sure there is a lot of positive noise about your organisation, brands and products to ensure you become an authority destination. We can help you become a name that consumers trust with creative and innovative ways to get your messages across.

We are also specialists in company reputation management.