Mobile browsing has now overtaken desktop and this suits ICS as our concise content and tailored services are a perfect fit for all modern handsets.

The trend for mobile is only increasing, with desktop publishing becoming increasingly less important. Network improvements and handset developments are facilitating these changes, but content and services must also keep pace.

The mobile and tablet experience is different to that on PC and care needs to be applied to content production and services to enhance the user experience and attract an audience.

But what happens when you have that audience? Revenue generation from online content has been a tough proposition for a while now, but ICS have the experience and expertise to help.

We create and supply compelling sports, entertainment, news and other content specifically for mobile publishing, plus we develop apps, build mobile sites and undertake mobile marketing campaigns.


We combine sports data with voice to create compelling video alerts delivered as soon as a goal has been scored or an event has taken place. In addition to looking great on mobile, the automated videos have many other applications and can also be used on social networks.


SMS is still relevant, particularly in the developing world, and few organisations understand the relevance of tailored alerts better than ICS.

We have extensive experience in providing succinct content that has value in any territory. We can do this in over 60 languages.

If information is delivered as a text message it should be succinct, have high value and be transmitted quickly. It should contain all important points and must not be ambiguous.

Some of our most popular international services include:

  • Football club news and match coverage on a team-by-team basis
  • Football and Horse Racing betting tips
  • Cricket scores
  • Formula One grid positions and race results
  • World and UK news
  • Entertainment news
  • Music news
  • Health advice
  • Horoscopes
  • Lottery results
  • Romance advice
  • Jokes
  • Weather


The way people communicate has changed, particularly since the advent of smartphones. This means the way businesses should interact with their audience has also changed, and is the case whether they are B2B or B2C suppliers.

We are experts at building and interacting with social followings and combining mobile strategies across all facets, tailoring our strategies to the specific needs of our clients.


Almost everything we do stems from our expertise in creating compelling content, and mobile applications are a great means of delivering quality services.

Using specialist developers who use iPhone, Android and Windows supported technologies, we derive the best mobile user experience from our content by creating superb applications with simple user interfaces.

Tell us what you would like and then leave the rest to us.