Four Kurdish dialects added to ICS stable

Kurdish has become the latest set of languages to be launched by ICS as the company can now offer its full range of services in four distinct dialects.

Earlier in the year, one of our major clients asked us whether we could translate their website into Kurdish as they were hoping to target this region.

Kurdish is not a homogeneous language and ICS offered expert advice on the different dialects available and where they are spoken. In light of this, the client asked us to focus on four variants – Kurmanji and Badini from the Northern Kurdish group, Sorani from the Central Kurdish strand and the non-Kurdish Northwestern Iranian language of Zaza.

Of these four, Sorani is the only one written in the Arabic script and is an official language of the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq. Meanwhile, Kurmanji and Badini are predominantly spoken in eastern Turkey, as is Zaza.

Speaking about the launch, International Manager Andy Morgan said: “Securing translators in these languages proved to be a challenge, but we were happy to help our client and demonstrated that no challenge is too great by finding and training quality editors at speed.

“We started providing our services in June and things are going incredibly well. We are hoping to use our talented team of Kurdish writers to build on the services we can offer to this fascinating region.”

If you are interested in our Kurdish services – or our services in any of the near 60 languages ICS covers – please do not hesitate to contact us.