We are able to offer bookmakers a fantastic telephone service to help engage with their customers more often and to facilitate betting when on the move – all at no cost.

We simply discuss what content the bookmaker requires on the line, set it up with a choice of golden numbers available and it can be live within days.

Punters can then listen to commentary, results and previews from wherever they are and make a bet during the same call. In addition to providing a great service for punters, the 10p/min ‘one number’ service can earn significant revenue for the bookmaker.

The telephone management platform we use is highly intelligent and fully integrated across BT infrastructure and is supported 24 hours a day.

The service keeps customers on the move – or those without access to a PC – engaged with the bookmaker’s offerings and output. In effect, it means the content we produce works even harder and is offered to a wider audience.

We have some strong and relevant numbers available for customers to choose from and many voices to select for branding purposes.

As more and more browsing is being done on mobile, promotion of a call-to-action telephone number has never been easier or more relevant as it is a simple click on the digits to call. The mobile was designed for conversation and the ability to quickly place the most complicated bet from a call to a knowledgeable and helpful operator, whilst also following the live action, is very compelling.

A standard menu would offer the following features:

1. Place a bet with bookmaker x (priority line)
2. Off-tube UK horse racing commentary
3. Irish racing commentary – all meetings
4. Racing results
5. Off-tube football commentary
6. Football scores and results – All leagues
7. Off-tube cricket commentary
8. Sports news and results
9. Lottery and 49s results