Hilary Benn MP visits ICS

ICS were delighted to welcome Hilary Benn, the MP for Leeds Central and Chair of the Exiting the EU Committee, to our company offices on Friday morning.

Mr Benn took great interest in the range of services that ICS provides, which we detailed while giving him a guided tour of our facilities. This included showing him our state-of-the-art studios where we produce our audio commentaries as well as our green screen technology for video production.

As part of his tour, Mr Benn got to meet a number of staff and learn more about the diverse range of services we can provide in over 50 languages.

Like many international-facing businesses, ICS have had a number of concerns since the UK voted to leave the European Union in June. Many of these relate to the retention and recruitment of staff, as well as the completion of the Digital Single Market. The issue of Gibraltar is also important to us due to a number of our clients being based there.

We were glad that we got the opportunity to raise these issues with Mr Benn and we thank him for listening to our concerns. We felt the meeting was incredibly productive and we hope to have further dialogue as the Brexit process becomes clearer once Article 50 has been triggered later this month.