ICS target India with Gujarati services

Independent Content Services has announced the launch of all services in Gujarati, the third Indian language that the company will cover.

Following on from Hindi and Marathi, which were launched in 2015, ICS can now offer bespoke content across the state of Gujarat.

Focusing predominantly on the sports and iGaming sectors, ICS has a number of cricket experts who can provide expert comment and analysis on all games, from Test matches to the IPL.

Meanwhile, with the growth of the Indian I-League, our football correspondents are on hand to offer full written, audio and video coverage.

With teams based in the UK and India, ICS is well-placed to offer content on any topic and can tailor each piece to local and international audiences.

As well as sports, ICS also covers a range of other subjects including tourism, business and finance. We have just launched an eSports division, while video games and virtual reality are looking to be a huge growth area. We can provide all our services in over 60 languages.

Speaking about the move, International Content Manager Andy Morgan said: “It is very exciting to launch our third Indian language and 63rd overall.

“We are looking forward to delivering content to this fast-growing region and engaging with customers and clients across the sub-continent.

“We are confident that the diversity of our portfolio and the knowledge of our staff would significantly aid any business in the region or any company looking to gain a foothold in India.”

If you are interested in finding out more about our Gujarati language services, or what we can do for you in any other language, then please contact us.