ICS to develop content for Iran and Montenegro

Independent Content Services has extended its portfolio by offering two new languages across its range of products.
Increasing our footprint in the Balkan States, ICS is delighted to welcome Montenegrin into the fold while our recent foray into Iran means we can now offer Farsi as our 49th language.
At ICS, we primarily operate in the sports betting and gambling sectors, with our enthusiastic teams of journalists and broadcasters providing original and engaging written, audio and video content to a number of clients worldwide.
We have teams of quality journalists based in the UK and internationally, meaning we can create content in a diverse range of styles and targeted to specific audiences.
On the inclusion of these further tongues, International Content Manager Andy Morgan said: “ICS is dedicated to bringing top quality audio, video and written content to all global markets.
“The addition of Farsi is a huge boost as we hope to increase our presence in a country which has a huge appetite for sport, particularly football.
“The same can be said for Montenegro as we aim to secure a greater presence in the Balkan territories following on from projects delivered in Croatian, Serbian, Slovene and Macedonian.”
If you are interested in any of our services, whether in Farsi, Montenegrin or any other language, please do not hesitate to contact us.