SBC News runs ICS feature on localization

SBC News has run a feature on Independent Content Services which discusses the importance of localization and accurate translation in the iGaming industry.

Written by International Manager Andrew Morgan, the piece highlights how accurate spelling, grammar, context and flow are all key elements in building the trust that is so vital in the betting industry.

With a number of African and Asian bookmakers currently targeting the UK, along with established European operators casting their nets towards Russia and Asia, providing good quality services for international markets has never been so important.

The article talks about how ICS can provide bespoke quality written, audio and video services in over 60 languages and to 70 territories through our specialist teams of iGaming experts. Cracking a new market successfully requires working with people who know that market and our journalists, based in the UK and overseas, are all native speakers who are on hand to offer advice.

ICS works with some of the biggest names in the iGaming industry and would like to work with you too. If you are interested in finding out more about what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us.