Icelandic takes ICS’s language total to 67

ICS has added another language to its roster, now being able to offer their full suite of services in Icelandic.

Following a request from a long-running client, we were delighted to offer translation and localisation into this North Germanic tongue, which is spoken by 358,000 people.

As well as this, ICS will also be able to provide written, audio and video services in this territory. While we specialise in the sports and betting industries, we also have experts in a range of other sectors including business, finance, automotive and travel.

Speaking about the launch of ICS’s translation and value-added services in Icelandic, International Director Andy Morgan said: “We pride ourselves on the close relationships we have with our clients, so when one of them asked us whether we could do Icelandic, we jumped at the opportunity.

“Sourcing a team proved to be pretty straightforward and now we are fully operational in the region. We believe we have a great deal to offer – from bespoke written, audio and visual content through to translation and localisation – and are looking forward to working with anyone who is looking to target this fabulous country.”

If you are interested in finding out more about our Icelandic language services, or what we can do for you in any other language, then please contact us.

ICS to attend inaugural ICE Africa

The team from Independent Content Services (ICS), the sports content and digital media specialist, has packed its bags and will touch down in Johannesburg later this month to attend ICE Africa 2018.

ICS will be attending the event, which runs from 24-25 October, and will be talking to operators, suppliers, affiliates and regulators about its range of content and translation services across written, audio and broadcast media.

This includes its match day radio shows which broadcast on FM radio across Nigeria every Saturday and Sunday, along with a Kenyan-based radio service.

The ICS team will also be on hand to talk about its translation and localisation services, which include major African dialects such as Afrikaans, Swahili and Yoruba among others.

ICS works with local content creators that are also betting and sports experts to ensure quality content and accurate translations.

The digital media specialist will also be talking about new and exciting products, including video blasts that can be fired out to punters during key moments in games, such as a goal being scored and updates at half-time and full-time, as well as team news and match previews.

The videos include commentary, rich graphics and animations, and can be tailored to individual bookmaker brands, formats and styles.

ICS has also recently launched an Amazon Alexa Skill, which allows operators to unlock the power of voice for the first time. The Skill is 100% customisable and can be used to send team and match information, as well as betting tips, to consumers.

Dean Rayson, Business Development Director at Independent Content Services, said: “Africa is one of the fastest growing online sports betting markets in the world, with a raft of countries embracing regulation and legalising the activity for the very first time.

“That said, it is already a fiercely competitive market, and operators and affiliates must use content across written, audio and visual formats to engage punters and readers and drive them to their sites.

“Furthermore, breaking into the market requires significant local knowledge and expertise – a knowledge and expertise that ICS has.

“We can’t wait to arrive in Africa and speak with delegates about the opportunity the market presents, and how our services can help them succeed now and into the future.”

If you would like to arrange a meeting, please contact us.

ICS to place Betting on Sports delegates at the heart of football history

ICS will mark its first Betting on Sports stand booking (18-21 September) by creating personalised audio recordings, in which the names of conference delegates are placed at the heart of iconic moments in football history.

All delegates at Olympia London are invited to leave a business card at stand I6, where ICS will create the commentary of you, or anyone you choose to nominate, scoring an iconic goal for your favourite team. This will be delivered directly to your mobile phone, so it can be shared with family, friends and colleagues.

Alongside founding directors Ian Holding and Cheryl Westerman, International Director Andy Morgan and Business Development Director Dean Rayson will also be on hand to discuss the company’s full range of services and answer any questions you may have.

ICS currently offers official commentary on all UK and Irish horse racing through a partnership with GBI, delivers live score radio and off-tube coverage on all Premier League games in 16 languages, and provides bespoke translation services in 65 languages including Latin American Spanish and English.

Rayson commented: “At ICS, we deliver audio commentary in 16 languages on over 700 matches per year meaning operators can ensure their punters have access to the games they have bet on.

“Alongside this, we create daily audio bulletins and live radio shows to maximize coverage, enabling punters to gain the knowledge required to make an informed betting decision. Whatever requirements you need, ICS has the skill and experience to deliver world leading audio content on any sport.”

To arrange an appointment for Betting on Sports, please contact Dean at

Deep into Africa: ICS launch Swahili services

ICS has committed further to Africa by confirming the launch of their entire suite of services in Swahili, taking the company’s language total to 65.

Spoken in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda – all established and growing iGaming territories – we will be able to offer written, audio and video services across the whole East Africa region, all localised to each individual territory.

Employing only native journalists and translators who have a background in sports and betting, ICS is the ideal supplier for anyone in the iGaming industry who is looking to break into these key markets. ICS can offer bespoke written news, previews and match reports, as well as engaging audio commentaries and video productions alongside world class translations and localisation services.

Speaking about the launch of their translation and value-added services in Swahili, International Director Andy Morgan said: “Africa is one of the world’s most dynamic regions and we know many in the iGaming industry are interested in the potential this market has to offer.

“With our experienced journalists, expert translators and local knowledge, ICS is the ideal partner for anyone looking to establish themselves in this region.”

If you are interested in finding out more about our Swahili language services, or what we can do for you in any other language, then please contact us.

Silver Lining: Argentina targeted by ICS

ICS has further boosted their localisation credentials with the addition of Argentinian Spanish to their language roster.

The company has been providing Spanish language services across the iGaming industry for over 15 years, but this has predominantly been focused upon the European market.

With the increasing importance of localisation running alongside good quality translation – as well as the positive developments regarding the regulation of betting in a number of Latin American territories – the focus of the iGaming industry has shifted in recent years.

This has seen ICS launch services specifically targeted to the Mexican and Colombian markets as well as other territories across the continent. Argentina is the next natural step in this process and we are looking forward to working with any client who wishes to target this country or Latin America as a whole.

Speaking about the launch of the company’s Argentinian services, International Director Andy Morgan said: “Like the differences between American and British English, there are a number of nuances in the Spanish used across Latin America meaning each territory requires a slightly different approach.

“Furthermore, each territory enjoys different sports and focuses upon different things within them so only a localised approach will do.

“ICS only employs native speakers who are experts in both iGaming and sports, and who know the requirements and quirks of their home nations. As a result, there is no one better placed to assist companies in the iGaming sector who are looking to break into the Latam region.”

Our Business Development Manager Dean Rayson will be appearing at GiGSe and Juegos Miami next week so if you are interested in our services and would like to set up a meeting with him, please do not hesitate to contact us.

ICS heads to London for ICE and LAC

ICS Mediagroup (ICS) will be heading to the world’s biggest betting and iGaming event in February with more products and services to showcase than ever before.

Representatives from Independent Content Services Ltd and sister company ICS-digital LLP will be at the ICE Totally Gaming Show and the subsequent London Affiliate Conference (LAC) at the ExCeL with plenty of new things to talk about in what is an important World Cup year.

Over the past 12 months, the growing Leeds-based media organisation has expanded its portfolio of editorial, audio and video products whilst at the same time increasing its marketing and specialist translation capabilities to 64 languages. ICS now translates Slots and video game content in addition to all other betting and gaming-related material.

Other key developments include the establishment of engaging automated video which delivers quick-fire sports updates (such as after a goal has been scored or before a horse race) with a betting call to action delivered swiftly via mobile and social channels.

Meanwhile, ICS has recently expanded its live radio coverage in Africa, providing a football radio show in Ghana which follows on from its success in Nigeria. The company is viewing further international opportunities for ready-to-go radio shows.

Elsewhere, the company has been further enhancing its eSports expertise and has a knowledgeable team who can help any client build awareness of this exciting new betting medium.

This summer’s World Cup is central to ICS’s sports content offering, with many proven products and new innovations available to operators who are looking to maximise the opportunities presented by what should be the biggest ever betting event.

ICS will be providing commentary on all 64 matches in any required language and has local bloggers and reporters assigned to each competing country who will provide a unique perspective and insight in daily blogs, rolling news services, radio and video updates.

Meanwhile ICS experts will feature in an exciting live-streamed video show which will provide a compelling mix of betting analysis and match coverage that can be tailed to promote any operator’s markets and offers.

With a wealth of profiles, analysis, news and opinion, ICS will offer unrivaled bespoke World Cup opportunities for bookmakers in any language.

ICS has worked in the iGaming sector for over 15 years and no-one offers a greater diversity of product. The company’s founding directors Ian Holding and Cheryl Westerman, Business Development Manager Dean Rayson and International Manager Andy Morgan will all be attending ICE/LAC.

Meanwhile, director of ICS-digital Matt Roche will also be in London, along with Marketing and Business Development Manager, Ann Nguyen.

ICE will take place from 6-8 February with LAC following on after.

Ian Holding said: “ICE is always exciting but this year has to be our most anticipated event ever. With our expanded international capabilities chiefly focused on content, translation and marketing, there are few attendees who are not potential partners.

“The World Cup will see record-breaking sports betting turnover and we can help operators differentiate themselves from their rivals and properly engage with existing and prospective customers.

“Forward-thinking operators, who serve their clients in various territories with relevant local content and trusted and authoritative translation will be the long-term winners and we can help make that difference.”

If you are interested in setting up a meeting at ICE, please contact us.

ICS deepens African links with Afrikaans launch

ICS is going deeper into Africa with the launch of their services in Afrikaans, which marks the 64th language the company will cover.

The iGaming sector is growing at significant pace on the African continent and we are delighted to be able to offer our full suite of written, audio and video services in Afrikaans, as well as comprehensive translation conducted by native speakers.

Covering South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, ICS is looking forward to expanding their presence in this important African region. ICS is the ideal supplier for anyone in the iGaming industry who is looking to break into these key markets as we have a large range of products which will significantly enhance any brand. This includes bespoke written news, previews and match reports, as well as engaging audio commentaries and video productions.

Speaking about the launch of their translation and value-added services in Afrikaans, International Content Manager Andy Morgan said: “We know Africa represents a huge opportunity for the iGaming sector, with high projected growth and significant interest across the industry.

“We also know a number of suppliers are attempting to break into the African market and with our local knowledge, experienced journalists and expert translators, ICS is the ideal partner for anyone looking to establish a foothold in this region.”

If you are interested in finding out more about our Afrikaans language services, or what we can do for you in any other language, then please contact us.

ICS teams up with Perform Group to deliver commentary services

ICS has announced a new partnership with Perform Group to provide professional betting commentary through their Custom Betting Commentary product.

Custom Betting Commentary enables clients to deliver real-time branded messages, the latest odds changes and betting insights to customers watching live streamed sport on their platform.

The commentaries can be added from anywhere in the world and can be in any of the 63 languages in which ICS operates. More information on Perform’s Custom Betting Commentary product can be found here.

ICS will be enhancing Perform’s live streaming portfolio of over 20,000 matches per year, utilizing OPTA data to add depth and context to our professional commentary services. They are ideal for bookmakers and other clients who do not have the provision to provide commentaries themselves and are great for retaining customers, as well as attracting new ones.

Speaking of the deal, company director Ian Holding said: “The opportunity for bookmakers to now broadcast their own bespoke commentary service as part of this new streaming solution is a hugely exciting one.”

If you are interested in our commentaries, or any of the services we can provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

SBC News runs ICS feature on localization

SBC News has run a feature on Independent Content Services which discusses the importance of localization and accurate translation in the iGaming industry.

Written by International Manager Andrew Morgan, the piece highlights how accurate spelling, grammar, context and flow are all key elements in building the trust that is so vital in the betting industry.

With a number of African and Asian bookmakers currently targeting the UK, along with established European operators casting their nets towards Russia and Asia, providing good quality services for international markets has never been so important.

The article talks about how ICS can provide bespoke quality written, audio and video services in over 60 languages and to 70 territories through our specialist teams of iGaming experts. Cracking a new market successfully requires working with people who know that market and our journalists, based in the UK and overseas, are all native speakers who are on hand to offer advice.

ICS works with some of the biggest names in the iGaming industry and would like to work with you too. If you are interested in finding out more about what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us.

ICS Newsletter – November 2015

Hello everyone and welcome along to another exciting ICS company newsletter. Here is what has been happening over the last four weeks.


General State of Things

Most of our current projects have been running smoothly, but we have lost a couple of small ones recently due to the companies involved having other priorities.

However, we are close to finally implementing a deal with another potential client while there are possible other contracts in the pipeline after our successful visit to the EiG gaming conference in Berlin during the middle of October. Hopefully we will have more updates in future newsletters.

Meanwhile, one of our key partners has asked us to change the articles we provide for them as they would like to focus exclusively on the Ryder Cup, Euro 2016 and the Olympics. Consequently, instead of news articles everyday, we have been asked to write more feature-led analytical pieces.


iGaming Overview

Later this week, ICS-digital will launch a new video project called the iGaming Overview. Zoe and Emer are presenting this fast-paced and informative show, with the content going live every Thursday morning.

The aim is to provide a simple iGaming newscast featuring the latest industry developments for people interested in the gambling sector to watch on their lunch break, so be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel for the latest editions.



eSports have become increasingly popular in recent years and many bookmakers have opened sportsbooks to tap into this burgeoning market.

One major Asian-facing bookmaker has asked us to write regular news and feature articles in English and Korean to boost interest in competitive video gaming, with key tournaments such as the IEM San Jose and DreamHack featuring heavily. Our writers will be covering all of the major video games, including LoL, DotA2, Starcraft and CS:GO, as competitions take place across the world.

As a result, ICS has set up a dedicated eSports team and we hope to develop in this field going forward. This work will start in mid-November and we are hoping to generate more interest from other potential clients in the coming months.

If you are interested in our eSports content, then please contact us.


Jumping Ahead

ICS once again produced and transmitted Cheltenham Radio at the track’s opening meeting of the season last month.

Journalists on course and in our Leeds studios provided exciting coverage of the whole of The Showcase meeting from as soon as the gates opened.

The station is broadcast on FM in the Cheltenham area as well as on course via earpieces, while it is also streamed on the Cheltenham Racecourse official website.


As ever, if you are interested in any of our content or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.