ICS originate and supply compelling sports, entertainment, news and information content ideal for deriving revenue from telephone services (PRS).

We can provide a full solution with number provision, hosting, content and revenue payment or we can simply provide the content and be paid a revenue share from another operator, whichever is most appropriate.

Callers are prepared to use their phone/mobile to access information that is important to them, as long as it is priced properly and the content is valued.

We provide services using a high-tech network, and are able to derive good revenue streams for our media clients.

Popular services include:

  • PRS – Football club news (Clubcall)
  • PRS – Football off-tube commentary
  • PRS – Horse Racing off-tube commentary
  • PRS – Racing Tipsters
  • PRS – Cricket off-tube commentary
  • PRS – Golf news and updates
  • PRS – Rugby news and updates
  • PRS – Tennis news and updates
  • PRS – Horoscopes
  • PRS – Weather

Our Racecall brand is the longest established telephone horse racing service in the UK.

Meanwhile the Clubcall football services derive revenue 365 days of the year and the close season, along with the January transfer window, is a peak time for interest as clubs buy and sell players which results in more callers wanting up-to-the-minute information.